Council Resolutions

Policies that are not addressed in the 501st Legion Charter but which have been adopted by Legion Command are documented here for reference.

Council Resolution 1: Legion's Stance on Recasting
Vote completed on 03/13/2006: 35 Yes; 10 No; 3 Abstain
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Resolution: The 501st Legion does not condone, support, or encourage re-casting. It is, however, outside of the scope of this club's mission, charter, authority, jurisdiction, and purview to consume our time and energies as a volunteer organization in efforts to prosecute those who, of their own volition, choose to engage in re-casting.

Council Resolution 2: Legion's Stance on Sales of Non-501st Legion Items
Vote completed on 05/23/06: 33 Yes; 1 No; 1 Abstain
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Resolution: While the 501st Legion Charter includes specific restrictions over the approval, design and distribution of 501st merchandise, it does not address the private sales transactions of non-501st items between members. All Legion members are, therefore, urged to exercise due caution before engaging in private transactions with any individuals (even with other 501st members) of any item which is not officially coordinated through, or authorized by, the 501st Command Staff or the Merchandise and Branding Officer. "Due caution" includes taking the following precautions:

  1. consult other members (including Garrison Command Staff) who have had prior transactions with the seller,
  2. establish a clear written agreement with the seller detailing the quality of work, quantity, date and method of delivery,
  3. if the seller does not have an impeccable track-record, negotiate a progressive payment plan,
  4. clearly document any agreed upon conditions where partial or full refund would be honored,
  5. don't send money to any individual of which you are not prepared to lose, and
  6. when in doubt, walk away from the offer.

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