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This document is intended to help people familiarize themselves with this forum. It covers custom modifications made by the forum team, and the basic things that most users will care about.

If you see any errors, or feel something is missing, please let us know at the Support Forum.

Tell me about this forum!

This forum is based on phpBB a popular, free web forum application. The base install of phpBB has been heavily customized by the Forum Team to include extra features for the 501st. It runs on a Linux server hosted at Server Beach in Virginia.

Where can I find general information about phpBB?

The forum has a built in Frequently Asked Questions List which covers information that is common to most phpBB web boards.

What are the rules here?

This forum follows the same general guidelines as the 501st yahoo group. Please take a moment to read the 501st Legion Forum Rules before posting.

How do I set a signature / web page / etc...

The Profile page is where to go for all personal options. You can add instant messenger IDs, web sites, signatures and more there.

What sort of email options are available?

This forum supports two different types of email notifications: Individual Emails and Daily Digest.

Individual Emails is exactly what it sounds like: You will get an email each time a post is made in a forum you subscribe to. You can edit your forum subscriptions here.

Daily Digest is also exactly as it sounds. You will get one email a day with all of the posts from forums you subscribe to. You can edit these settings here. You can choose when you will get a digest, what forums are included, and a variety of other options. If you don't know what an option does, it should be safe to leave the default value.

How do polls work?

There is a Polls link in the left column of the screen. This will show you all active polls. To create a poll, post a new message in the appropriate forum. In the New Post screen you will find the options for setting up a poll. Please note that not all forums on this site allow polls. If you don't see poll options when you try to post, that is why.

How can I easily check for new posts?

In the left column there is a New Posts link. This will show you any messages that have been posted since your last visit. This is a great way to catch up, particularly after some time away from the board.

I am not subscribed to any forums, but I got email from this board!

This forum has the ability to send out special administrative notifications. These notifications will override any email preferences you have set. This functionality is available only to forum administrators, and will only be used for important messages. An example would be to announce a planned outage or information about an upcoming Legion election.

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